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Turnkey Solution of Optical Fiber Cables and ODN Products

No matter what structure of fiber cables you want, based on our extensive experience, HOC can manufacture it. In particular, our production lines supports color stripe on the out sheath of the fiber cable, which makes it can be distinguished from the vast majority of fiber cables on the market.

Optical Fiber Cables

light armoured fibre optic cable

Uni-tube Light Armored Fiber Cable

cst fiber cable loose tube armoured fiber cable

Coruggated Steel Tape Armored Fiber Cable

multi-tube steel tape light armored fiber optic cable

Steel Tape Light Armored Fiber Cable

armored fiber cable GYTA

Aluminum Tape Light Armored Fiber Cable

multi tube non armored fiber optic duct cable

Non Metallic Duct Fiber Optic Cable

aerial fiber optic cable non metallic cable with double sheath

Non Metallic Duct Fiber Optic Cable

aerial fiber cable with wire messenger non armored unitube

Non Armored Figure 8 Aerial Fiber Cable

figure 8 fiber optic cable

Light Armored Figure 8 Fiber Cable

aerial flat drop fiber cable self-supporting flat aerial fiber cable

Flat Non Armored Aerial Fiber Cable

aerial drop cable gyfxby flat shape cable

Non Metallic Duct Fiber Optic Cable

direct burial fiber optic cable gyta53 stranded loose tube armored fiber optic cable

Double Sheath Direct Buried Fiber Cable

cst fibre multi loose tube 144 fibre core armoured fiber cable

Multi Loose Tube CST Fiber Optic Cable

corrugated steel tape steel wire double armored fiber optic cable

Heavy Armored Underwater Fiber Cable

underwater fiber optic cable steel wire armoured fiber cable

Steel Wire Armored Underwater Fiber Cable

adss aerial fiber optic cable self supporting fiber cable

All Dielectric Self Supporting ADSS Cable

aramid yarn fiber optic cable

Double Sheath ADSS Fiber Cable

adss fiber cable asu fo 80 120 span 8 core 12 core aerial cable

ASU Self-supporting ADSS Fiber Cable

adss fiber cable

All Dielectric Non Metallic Fiber Cable

ftth fiber cable bow type drop cable 2 core distribution cable

Bow Type FTTH Drop Fiber Cable

drop cable indoor ftth cable bow type for access network

Non Metallic FTTH Drop Cable

ftth drop cable self supporting bow type fiber optic cable with steel wire

Self-supporting FTTH Fiber Drop Cable

aerial drop cable ftth indoor outdoor optical cable with 2 FRP strength member

FRP Self-supporting Non Metallic FTTH Cable


Simplex Tight Buffer Fiber Optic Cable

duplex indoor fiber optic patch cable 2 core

Duplex Zip-cord Tight Buffer Fiber Cable

fiber breakout cable multi core micro cable access cable

Tight Buffer Breakout Fiber Cable

distribution fiber optic cable single mode indoor bundle fiber cable

Indoor Tight Buffer Distribution Fiber Cable

optical fiber nonconductive riser cable ofnr for indoor building fiber distribution with 2 FRP strength member

OFNR Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser

indoor armored breakout fiber optic cable double armor

Spiral Steel Tube Armored Fiber Cable

air blown fiber micro cable enhanced performace fiber unit

Enhanced Performance Fiber Unit (EPFU)

microduct fiber cable unitube air blown micro cable ABF duct cable

Unit-tube Micro Blown Fiber Cable

blown fiber optic cable micro cable for metropolitan area network

Non Metallic Micro Blown Fiber Cable

hybrid fiber cable with power supply

Light Armored Hybrid Fiber Power Cable

hybrid cable gdts

Multi Loose Tube Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable

tactical fiber optic cable

Military Tight Buffer Tactical Fiber Cable

tactical fiber indoor armored fiber cable single armor

Armored Tactical Fiber Optic Cable

central tube opgw

Central Tube Fiber OPGW Cable

strand tube opgw

Layer Stranded OPGW Fiber Cable

direct durial flame retardant mining cable fiber optic cable

LSZH Uni-tube CST Fiber Cable

subsea fiber optic cable climbing fiber cable

Uni-Tube SWA Fiber Optic Cable

Distribution Products

outdoor distribution fiber cabinet 288 cores

Fiber Cabinet

horizontal fiber optic splice closure with splice tray

Splice Closure

dome closure vertical 3 in 3 out fiber optic splice closure

Dome Closure

16 port fiber optic distribution box


4 core fibre termination box equiped with adapter and pigtail

Wall Mount Box

mini wall fiber terminal box sc socket panel


48 core fiber optic termination box outdoor distribution box

Terminal Box

Multimedia Information Box

Multimedia Box

fiber optic fusion splicing machine fully automatic

Splicing Machine

Mini Splitter

single mode fiber optical splitter 1x16 sc connector

ABS Box Splitter

cassette type plc splitter 1:8 sc upc adapter

Cassette Splitter

odf 19 inch rack optical distribution frame

ODF Frame

48 ports odf unit 3U modular with adapter

ODF Unit

fibre patch panels rack mount 24 core sc sliding type

Sliding Patch Panel

rack mounted 48 core fiber patch panel installed distribution termination box

Rack Mounted Panel

fiber panels 24 SC ports sliding type with metal handle

Fiber Patch Panel

lc pigtail single mode fiber pigtail

Fiber Pigtail

Singlemode Patch Cord

Fiber Bundle Cable

multimode fiber optic patch cord with duplex lc-lc connector

Multimode Patch Cord

multi fiber push on MPO fiber cable


MPO breakout fiber optic cable MPO to LC connectors

MPO Breakout


MPO Trunk Cable

Armored Patch Cable

Equipment & Accessories

fiber optic fusion splicing machine fully automatic

Splicing Machine

Fast Connector

FTTH Cable Clamp

Plastic Tension Clamp

adss suspension clamp

Suspension Clamp

Cable Clamp

Tension / Suspension

Spiral Vibration Damper

Vibration Damper

Storage Assembly

Professional Fiber Cable Manufacturing From China

HOC helps wholesalers and brand owners fulfill their fiber optic cable wholesale by top-end turnkey manufacturing. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our clients satisfaction.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your fiber optic cable need, on-time and on-budget.