Underwater Fiber Optic Cable

Produzione professionale per cavi in fibra ottica e specifiche dei cavi su richiesta. Richiedi oggi stesso un preventivo per la fibra subacquea.

  • Analisi del design gratuita inclusa in ogni preventivo

  • Scegli tra centinaia di materiali per fibre e cavi

  • Consultate il nostro team di esperti di cavi in fibra

260+ KM

Cavo in fibra ottica al giorno


Paesi e regioni esportati


Linee di produzione funzionanti

Underwater Fiber Optic Cable

Produzione professionale per cavi in fibra ottica e specifiche dei cavi su richiesta. Richiedi oggi stesso un preventivo per la fibra subacquea.

  • Analisi del design gratuita inclusa in ogni preventivo

  • Scegli tra centinaia di materiali per fibre e cavi

  • Consultate il nostro team di esperti di cavi in fibra

260+ KM

Cavo in fibra ottica al giorno


Paesi e regioni esportati


Linee di produzione funzionanti


Campioni di cavi



Production & Delivery


Installations for Underwater Fiber Optic Cable

The steel wire armored underwater SWA fiber optic cable can be installed in all external environments including underwater, climbing, and direct burial.


Arrampicata su

posa diretta di cavi in fibra ottica interrati

Direct buried

Most Required Underwater Fiber Optic Cable

All underwater fiber optic cable are popular, but not every market is the same. For example, some UK customers love lszh sheath and colored sheath, so if you are planning to order them, it is best to ask our experienced consultants.

SWA 48 core

cavo in fibra ottica subacqueo cavo d'acciaio armato in fibra

SWA 96 core

nastro d'acciaio ondulato filo d'acciaio doppio corazzato cavo in fibra ottica

Double Armored

Produttore di cavi in fibra subacquea corazzati SWA

SWA 36 core

cavo in fibra ottica sottomarino che sale sul cavo in fibra

Unitube SWA

SWA filo d'acciaio armato cavo sottomarino in fibra ottica

2-14 core LSZH

filo d'acciaio corazzato SWA cavo sottomarino in fibra ottica

Double Armor LSZH

servizio di fibra ottica personalizzato produttore di cavi OEM fornito HOC

Custom Service

The Best Underwater Fiber Optic Cables for You

No matter fiber optic cable or FTTH parts, at HOC, You Can Choose Freely For Your Unique Request

No matter what specifications of underwater fiber cables you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular, our production lines supports color stripe on the out sheath of the fiber cable, which makes it can be distinguished from the vast majority of fiber cables on the market.

  • 1 – 288 Core
  • OS1, OS2…
  • G.652, G.657…
  • OM2, OM3, OM4…
  • Single mode, Multimode
  • Unitube, MLT…
  • PE, PVC, LSZH…
  • Marks & Packing…

  • Tensile, Crush, Span…

  • 1km, 2km, 4km, 6km…

Cable Structures

Raw Materials



Estimated Cost-Analysis for Underwater Fiber Optic Cable

Underwater fiber optic cable cost-driving is cable span, raw materials, specifications and shipping. For the below parts, you will see the full details for the costs.

Estimated Production & Delivery Time

Depends on whether you want to do customization your fiber optic cable or not, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship regular fiber optic cable in less than 2 business weeks.

Cable Specs & Custom

Confirm fiber optic cable specs and custom details with our experts. This can be all settled within an hour.

Confirm & Payment

After all details are set, make transfer of advance payment. Normally, it takes 1 day or 2 to arrive our bank account.

Production & Inspection

After payment, production will be arranged right away and we’ll keep you updated. Usually it 2-3 weeks before shipping.

Balance & Shipping

We will send you details of products and packing before shipping. All products can be delivered to port at the same day.

Advanced On-Demand Manufacturing Solutions

Whether you need a trial order to verify a cable design or mass manufacturing FTTH products, HOC has the best solution for you.

optical fiber cable product finish and packing with drum


For retailers, we accept small orders. For example MOQ 2km for fiber optic cable.

Price Advantage

For distributors, buy in bulk can get a better price. Save shipping and purchasing costs for you.

Turnkey Solution

Other than fiber cables, related fiber optic products is also there for your convenience.

Stock & Production

High production capacity and quick stock turnover, makes sure the most reliable supply.

Why Choose HOC?

Our quality fiber optic cables have passed the CE, ISO and other approval, and we have 19 years of experience in making fiber optic cables. Our products are eco-friendly, and they use the most advanced technology to produce.

  • Inventory Surplus

Our factory has 52 production lines dedicated to the production of fiber optic cables.

  • Great Support

The staff you interface with are experienced and certified in their English language skills.

  • Customized on Demand

You provide the design and we generally will give you a solution in a week’s time.

  • Fast Delivery

If you don’t need additional designs, just the finished product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

HOC is our best fiber optic cables and equipment partner for helping us beyond expression by getting us high-quality fiber cables, at an affordable price, with incredible turnaround times. In addition, HOC helped us improve our overall fiber cable design, thanks!

Jose Augusto

From Colombia

HOC, a longtime friend and strategic partner whom we trust most, possesses one of the finest fiber optic products and manufacturing technologies and always provides our company with the highest quality products. Cooperation with HOC is happy and successful.

Floyd Russell

From UK

FAQs About Underwater Fiber Cable Wholesale

HOC has been wholesaling fiber optic cable for 19 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems, here are the most important concerns of our customers before closing the deal.

Any benefits for fiber cable wholesale from China?

In a word, China has a much better industry chain. There may be wholesalers of fiber optic cable in US, UK and India, but HOC can guarantee that our prices and our service can be far exceeds your expectations.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the cable?

Depends on whether you want customize your fiber optic cable or not, and also the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship regular standard underwater fiber optic cable in less than 2 weeks, and we have customers in Singapore who received the goods in less than 2 weeks.

Can I come to China for Factory inspection?

Of course, but it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides. Now we support using ZOOM for online factory inspection.

What are the payment options?

You can use Western Union, which has a lower fee, or PayPal if you can accept a slightly higher fee, but please note that for new customers, we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment, or if you have been with us for years and run into cash flow pressure, we do offer OA credit.

What is the most important feature of HOC’s products

Since we have an independent design team(10+ members), we accept all forms of customization, you just give us ideas or even just a word, and we can manufacture your ideal fiber optic cable for your market.

Are you looking for more information on

underwater fiber cable or getting an accurate quote?

No matter your project is complicated or simple, you will get an accurate quotation within 6 hours.

Underwater Fiber Optic Cable FAQs – The Ultimate Buying Guide

What is Underwater Fiber Optic Cable?

Underwater fiber optic cable is one kind of communication fiber optic cable that is laid under water through rivers, lakes and beaches and other places. This cable laying environment conditions are much worse than the pipeline laying and direct burial laying .

How Does Underwater Fiber Optic Cable Work?

Underwater fiber optic cable has layers of steel wire or steel tape armored structure. The structure of the inner sheath and outer sheath are also needed to take into consideration according to the hydrogeological situation of the river.

For example, in the stony soil, scouring seasonal riverbed, fiber optic cable suffers from wear and tear and high tension, not only thick steel wire is needed for armoring, but even double layer of armoring is required. The method of construction should also be selected according to the river width, water depth, flow rate, river bed, flow speed, river bed soil and so on.

How Can Underwater Fiber Optic Cable Has Great Performance?

The performance of underwater fiber cable comes from its cable design, materials quality, production quality, and the laying techniques.

Cable Design

A perfect fiber cable design for a underwater fiber cable should consider all the conditions in its actual site, such as river bed soil quality, river width, water depth, flow rate, and other site conditions.


The raw materials and production all affect the final quality and performance of a underwater fiber optic cable. So a trustworthy brand or manufacturer is very important.

They will solve you all the problem of materials comparison with reliable quality inspection and experienced and advanced production technology.

Laying Techniques

First of all, the laying speed and specified position of the optical cable shall be controlled.

During the laying process, the optical cable shall not be vacated in the riverbed, and shall not make a small circle. It is also necessary to monitor whether the underwater fiber cable is in good condition, and solve the problem in time to ensure the laying quality of the underwater optical cable.

The laying length should be based on the length of the optical cable determined during the re-measurement route. Generally, the underwater optical cable should extend out of the embankment or the shore for 50 meters. When the design stipulates that the optical cable is laid in an arc at the bottom of the river, it should be based on the baseline at the time of measurement, and the arc should be laid upstream.

What are the Applications of Underwater Fiber Optic Cable?


Underwater fiber optic cable takes following measures to ensure the waterproof performance of the fiber optic cable to laid in lakes, rivers and beaches.

  • Single wire center reinforcement
  • Loose tube filled with special waterproofing compound
  • Complete core filling
  • Plastic coated aluminum tape (APL) moisture barrier
  • Double-sided plastic-coated steel tape (PSP) improves the moisture resistance of the optical cable
  • Good water blocking material to prevent longitudinal water seepage of the optical cable


When laying fiber optic cables in mountainous or hilly areas, these areas generally have steep terrain, many trees, more rocks and less soil. It is unavoidable to use a protective and good mechanical fiber optic cables.

Because underwater fiber cable has excellent tensile and flattening properties, and has a certain ability to withstand rock crushing and excessive tensile force, it is also suitable for these aeras as climbing fiber cables.

Direct Burial

Although underwater fiber cables are laid in the lakes or rivers, it is also cab be considered as a directly buried fiber optic cable. Moreover, it has more strict requirements than normal directly buried fiber cable on the ground. So a underwater fiber optic cable is also suitable for direct burial applications.

What are the Benefits of Underwater Fiber Optic Cable?

Most fiber optic cables are installed by aerial, duct and direct buried. But when it comes to places with rivers, lakes and beaches, traditional fiber cable laying method would require lot of fiber optic cables and installation costs.

And underwater fiber optic cable perfectlly solve this problem by connecting the both ends with underwater laying. It saves lots of fiber cables, and the laying is also simplified.

Other than that, with the fiber optic cable under the rivers and lakes, it won’t be affected by wind and most animals above ground. Actually, it provide more reliable optical communication networks.

What is the Difference Between Underwater Fiber Optic Cable and Submarine Fiber Optic Cable?

As its name suggests, submarine fiber optic cable (or subsea/undersea fiber optic cable) is fiber optic cable that is laid in the ocean.

To meet the application requirements, the structure of submarine fiber optic cable requires strong and light materials, but not light metal aluminum, because aluminum and seawater will produce hydrogen by electrochemical reaction, and hydrogen molecules will diffuse into the glass material of the fiber, making the loss of the fiber larger.

Therefore, the submarine fiber optic cable must prevent both the internal generation of hydrogen and the infiltration of hydrogen into the fiber optic cable from the outside.

Most of the submarine fiber optic cables are under the sea at a certain depth and are not subject to damage from natural environment such as wind and waves and interference from human production activities. So the submarine fiber cables are safe and stable, with strong anti-interference ability and good confidentiality performance.

What is the Difference Between Underwater Fiber Optic Cable and Direct Buried Fiber Optic Cable?

direct buried fiber optic cable laying

Direct buried fiber optic cable refer to a fiber optic cable which has good performance of resisting external mechanical damage and preventing soil erosion.

Fiber optic units is normally armored with steel tape and other materials such as double sheath and steel wire outside, and make it is available for directly buried in the ground. Direct burial is the most convenient laying method for fiber optic cable and also save the duct and aerial installation costs.

And the major difference is that the laying environment of underwater fiber optic cable is much worse than the conditions of direct burial laying. So the underwater fiber cable must use steel wire or steel tape heavy armored structure. Which make most underwater fiber optic cable are available for direct buried laying.

In addition, the repair underwater fiber optic cable failure techniques and measures are also much more difficult, so the reliability requirements for underwater fiber optic cable is also higher than direct burial fiber optic cable.

What are the Types of Fiber Optic Cable?

fiber cable outer sheath materials

According different aspect of fiber optic cable, there are many types of fiber optic cables.

Optical Fiber

Due to different transmission mode of an optical fiber, there are single mode fiber optic cable and multimode fiber optic cable.

Cable Core

How the fiber optic cable is structured is also an important specification of a fiber cable. There are tight buffer fiber cable, loose tube fiber cable, uni-tube fiber cable (or central loose tube), MLT (multi loose tube) fiber cable.

Installation Mode

Different application of a fiber optic cable has different requirements on the cable installation and laying. For instance, there are overhead/aerial fiber optic cable, duct fiber optic cable, direct burial fiber optic cable and underwater fiber optic cable.


Where a fiber optic cable is used affect its specifications too. At a larger scale, we can divide them into the outdoor fiber optic cable type and indoor fiber optic cable type.

Armored Type

For different application and specs to meet, the fiber optic cable armoring also varies. From light armored aluminum tape fiber optic cable, corrugated steel tape armored fiber optic cable, steel wire armored fiber optic cable, and heavy armored fiber optic cable with both steel tape and steel wires.

Besides all mentioned above, some industries and network system has specific type of fiber optic cable, such as mining fiber optic cable, FTTH fiber cable, power line fiber optic cable and so on.

What are the Materials for Underwater Fiber Optic Cable?

underwater fiber optic cable materials

Like all the fiber optic cables, underwater fiber optic cable are made of optical fibers in loose tubes. All loose tubes are stranded along an dielectric FRP central strength member in the inner sheath with water-blocking materials.

Sometimes, there is also a layer of corruggated steel tape wrapping the fiber core, to provide extra mechanical performance for the underwater fiber cable.

Outside the inner fiber core, there are a layer of steel wire armor (SWA) and another layer of water-blocking tape to make the underwater fiber optic cable more compact and protected from its application environment. Finally, there is an outer sheath made of PE sheath.

Does HOC Offers Underwater Fiber Optic Cable Services?

Yes, HOC provides you underwater fiber optic cable solutions with the most experienced designing and manufacturing with extreme quality, reliability, and robustness.

Moreover, thanks to our vast experience in fiber optic cable production, we know how to optimize to save your costs.

Whether it’s your first purchase or multiple purchases, you can get super solutions.

Is HOC’s Underwater Fiber Optic Cable Expensive?

Not at all. HOC underwater fiber optic cable is affordable and of high performances.

With extensive manufacturing experiences on the underwater fiber cables, we know every aspect of the required specifications and how to optimize the underwater fiber cable designing and materials costs.

How Long Does It Take for HOC’s Underwater Fiber Optic Cable to be Delivered?

It is mainly depends on your project.

For regular designs of underwater fiber cable, it generally takes 2-3 weeks to produce and to be delivered. But if the quantity is large and special fiber cable designs, it will take a little bit longer.

How Did HOC Ship the Underwater Fiber Optic Cable to Me?

For underwater fiber optic cables, we will ship the fiber cable in drums to your port.

For better coordination of all your purchased goods, we offer mix-loading services and you can also collect it at our warehouse here in China with your logistics agent.

How to Order?

You can order underwater fiber optic cable by sending your detailed requirements to our sale experts, such as specifications, length, customizations and so on.

Our specialists will get back to you with 12 hours with formal offer to move forward on productions and delivery terms. Any questions, feel free to discuss with us at any time.

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