Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable

HOC offers a variety of hybrid cable combinations to meet your specific needs. Request a hybrid fiber power cable quote today.


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Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable

Manufacturing for hybrid fiber optic cables and on-demand specifications. Request a hybrid fiber cable quote today.

260+ KM

Fiber optic cable per day


Exported countries & region


Production lines working


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hybrid cable fiber power hybrid fiber optic cable

Hybrid Cable & Specifications

Hybrid cable is a new type of fiber optic cable, which is used for transmission line in broadband access network system. It integrates optical and copper wire in the same cable, solved the problem of access broadband, remote device power supply and signal transmission. Fiber unit, copper units and fillers is stranded along with the central strength member. Water-blocking material is filled between the strand core and outside PE sheath.

hybrid cable gdts
Hybrid Cable Fiber And Power For Power Supply And Communication cable structure

Steel Tape & Wire Armored Hybrid Cable

❶ Optical Fiber

❷ Tube Filling Compound

❸ Loose Tube

❹ Metal Central Strength Member (CSM)

❺ Cooper Conductor

❻ Fillers

❼ Water-blocking Materials

❽ Steel Tape (PSP)

❾ PE Sheath

hybrid fiber cable with power supply
Optical Composite Light Armored Hybrid Fiber Power Cable

Aluminum Tape Light Armored Hybrid Cable

❶ Optical Fiber

❷ Tube Filling Compound

❸ Loose Tube

❹ Copper Conductor

❺ Water-blocking Materials

❻ Aluminum Tape (APL)

❼ PE Sheath

Already have your own design and drawings?

Custom Materials & Specifications for Hybrid Fiber Power Cable

No matter what types or specifications of hybrid cables you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it.

  • 1 – 288 Core
  • OS1, OS2…
  • G.652, G.657…
  • OM2, OM3, OM4…
  • Single mode, Multimode
  • Voltage…

  • Unitube, MLT…
  • PE, HDPE, AT…

  • Tensile, Crush, Span…

  • 1km, 2km, 4km, 6km…
Hybrid cable in 5G base station
CCTV security camera with hybrid fiber power cable

Hybrid Cable Applications

Hybrid cable integrates optical fiber and copper conductor, which can solve the problem of broadband access, equipment power supply and signal transmission. Therefore, it is widely used in power supply system for remote telecommunication, short distance communication system with power supply, distributed base station with DC remote supply system, security network of CCTV surveillance with duct or aerial installation.

Low MOQ Support

Whether you need a trial order to verify a cable design or mass manufacturing FTTH products, HOC has the best solution for you.

Fiber optic cable product finish and packing with drum


For retailers, we accept small orders. For example MOQ 2km for fiber optic cable.

Fiber optic cable factory production line

Price Advantage

For distributors, buy in bulk can get a better price. Save shipping and purchasing costs for you.

Optical horizontal splice closure, FTTx products

Turnkey Solution

Other than fiber cables, related fiber optic products is also there for your convenience.

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Stock & Production

High production capacity and quick stock turnover, makes sure the most reliable supply.

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Estimated Production & Delivery Time

Cable Specs & Custom

Confirm fiber optic cable specs and custom details with our experts. This can be all settled within an hour.

Confirm & Payment

After all details are set, make transfer of advance payment. Normally, it takes 1 day or 2 to arrive our bank account.

Production & Inspection

After payment, production will be arranged right away and we’ll keep you updated. Usually it 2-3 weeks before shipping.

Balance & Shipping

We will send you details of products and packing before shipping. All products can be delivered to port at the same day.

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HOC is our best fiber optic cables and equipment partner for helping us beyond expression by getting us high-quality fiber cables, at an affordable price, with incredible turnaround times. In addition, HOC helped us improve our overall fiber cable design, thanks!


Jose Augusto

From Colombia


HOC, a longtime friend and strategic partner whom we trust most, possesses one of the finest fiber optic products and manufacturing technologies and always provides our company with the highest quality products. Cooperation with HOC is happy and successful.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In a word, China has a much better industry chain. There may be wholesalers of fiber optic cable in US, UK and India, but HOC can guarantee that our prices and our service can be far exceeds your expectations.

Depends on whether you want customize your fiber optic cable or not, and also the speed of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship regular standard armored optical fiber cable in less than 2 weeks, and we have customers in Singapore who received the goods in less than 2 weeks.

Of course, but it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides. Now we support using ZOOM for online factory inspection.

HOC fiber cable manufacturing video

You can use Western Union, which has a lower fee, or PayPal if you can accept a slightly higher fee, but please note that for new customers, we only accept the 30% T/T of the payment, or if you have been with us for years and run into cash flow pressure, we do offer OA credit.

Since we have an independent design team (10+ members), we accept all forms of customization, you just give us ideas or even just a word, and we can manufacture your ideal fiber optic cable for your market.

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