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We Supply the Optic Accessories

With our extended experiences on one-stop production, inventory and shipment, you get turnkey solution packaging components from around the globe without any hassle.


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Splice dome closure for fiber optic cable installation, ftth dome closure manufacturer

Accessories Solution for Fibre Optic Cable Communications

With our extended experiences on one-stop production, inventory and shipment of fibre optic cable and optical accessory products, you can easily set up an optical network with fibre optic cable, optical distribution equipment and essential tools.

Find the Accessories that You Need

outdoor distribution fibre cabinet 288 cores

Fibre Cabinet

horizontal fibre optic splice closure with splice tray

Splice Closure

dome closure vertical 3 in 3 out fibre optic splice closure

Dome Closure

16 port fibre optic distribution box


4 core fibre termination box equiped with adapter and pigtail

Wall Mount Box

mini wall fibre terminal box sc socket panel


48 core fibre optic termination box outdoor distribution box

Terminal Box

Multimedia Information Box

Multimedia Box

fiber optic fusion splicing machine fully automatic

Splicing Machine

fiber optic plc splitter 1x8 mini splitter

Mini Splitter

single mode fibre optical splitter 1x16 sc connector

ABS Box Splitter

cassette type plc splitter 1:8 sc upc adapter

Cassette Splitter

odf 19 inch rack optical distribution frame

ODF Frame

48 ports odf unit 3U modular with adapter

ODF Unit

fibre patch panels rack mount 24 core sc sliding type

Sliding Patch Panel

rack mounted 48 core fibre patch panel installed distribution termination box

Rack Mounted Panel

fibre panels 24 SC ports sliding type with metal handle

Fibre Patch Panel

lc pigtail single mode fiber pigtail

Fibre Pigtail

Singlemode Patch Cord

fiber optic cable

Fibre Bundle Cable

multimode fibre optic patch cord with duplex lc-lc connector

Multimode Patch Cord

multi fibre push on MPO fibre cable


MPO breakout fibre optic cable MPO to LC connectors

MPO Breakout


MPO Trunk Cable

pre terminated fiber armored cable patch cord 1m 2m 5m

Armoured Patch Cable

Fast Connector

plastic fiber cable tension clamp

Plastic Tension Clamp

ftth drop cable clamp

FTTH Cable Clamp

adss suspension clamp

Suspension Clamp

fiber optic cable clamp

Cable Clamp

fiber optic cable tension and suspension set

Tension / Suspension

fiber cable spiral vibration damper

Spiral Vibration Damper

fiber cable vibration tamper

Vibration Damper

fiber cable storage assembly

Storage Assembly

Professional Fibre Optic Products Manufacturing

HOC helps wholesalers and brand owners fulfill their fibre optic cable wholesale by top-end turnkey manufacturing. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our clients satisfaction.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your fibre optic products need, on-time and on-budget.