Fibre Optic Cable Materials In Manufacturing

Fibre Optic Cable Materials In Manufacturing

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Optical fiber drawing in drawing tower

Optical Fibre

CST fiber with reinforced FRP CSM strength member 144 core



steel wire armor fiber


12 core light armored figure 8 fiber cable


Fiber optic cable product finish and packing with drum


What Are Fibre Optic Cables Made of?

Based on how the fibre optic cables are constructed and how its been produced, fibre optic cable materials can be divided into following 6 elements from inside out. Check each for more details.

Fibre Optic Cable Basics

Fibre optic cable is made of a certain kind of optical fibre, to realize the optical communications between points.

And we all know that a single optical fibre is just as thin as a human hair, so it’s quite fragile. Therefore, all sort of fibre optic cable materials are applied during its manufacturing to get a proper cable construction and several protection measures.

FTTH drop cable with self-supporting wire

Fibre Optic Cable Materials

Optical Fibre

The optical fibre is the transmit medium in all fibre optic cables. It is the primary element for a fibre cable. According its different specifications and how the optical fibre is produced, we can see a large variety of optical fibre, such as SM, MM.

multi purpose breakout fiber optic cable
  • Single Mode, Multimode
  • Tight buffer fibre
  • G.657
  • Air blown fibre …

Central Strength Member (CSM)

When the fibre optic cable is constructed in multi loose tube or has large fibre count, there is a CSM (central strength member) put in the centre of the cable. All loose tube with optical fibre will stranding along with the CSM.

  • Steel Wire
  • FRP with Sheath

Fibre Cable Reinforcement

To ensure the mechanical and optical performance of a fibre cable in strict or harsh environment, one layer of several layers of reinforcement materials will be needed during production.

Basic protection is a steel or aluminum armouring, steel wire armouring and aramid yarn protection are common protective materials.

armored fiber cable with color stripe
  • Steel Tape
  • Aluminum Tape
  • Steel Wire
  • Aramid Yarn
  • Double Sheath

Water-blocking Materials

It is quite necessary to protect fibre cable from water damage in operations, for all underwater fibre cables and other fibre cables outdoors or in humid environment. There are mainly 3 different water-blocking materials are used in fibre optic cable.

  • Water-blocking Tape
  • Water-blocking Yarn
  • Fibre Cable Filling Compound

Supporting Materials

Most of fibre optic cables are installed in ducts, underground, or hanging with an extra messenger wire. There are also fibre optic cables that can be hang on its own, and this is a supporting wire besides the cable.

Other materials such as loose tube and rip cord are also indispensable for a fully constructed fibre optic cable.

  • Supporting Wire
  • Loose Tube
  • Rip Cord


Fibre cable sheath or jacket is the outside of all fibre optic cable materials, it directly contact with the external environment. So the material of the fibre optic cable outer sheath must be able to withstand the sun and rain, and not crack due to ultraviolet radiation.

At the same time, it must have certain tensile and flexural capabilities, and can withstand the abrasion during construction and the chemical corrosion in the use engineering.

fibre cable outer sheath materials
  • PVC
  • LSZH
  • AT

  • Anti-rodent

  • Anti-flame

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