HOC Fibre Optic Cable Manufacturer Plant And Facility

HOC Factory

in Sichuan, China

HOC Factory in Sichuan, China

Since 2002 our state-of-the-art production and warehouse centre operates on an area of 160,000 square meter. The plant focuses on the production of high-quality fibre optic cable for FTTx solutions, outdoor, direct burial, aerial, duct, underwater, ADSS, indoor and other applications.

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Concerned about the quality from a fibre optic cable manufacturer which is not near you? Not any more. HOC has the most strict quality test for every delivery

  • Attenuation coefficient, mechanical and physical properties of sheath

  • Appearance, structure, length, outer diameter, loose tube outer diameter thickness
  • Tensile, crush, minimum bending radius, high and low temperature test, trickle performance, spark test

  • Armour tape conduction, steel-aluminum overlap, sheath identification, meter error, packaging and more…

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