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Fibre Cable Manufacturing

The HOC fibre cable manufacturing facility is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery managed by highly-skilled technicians. This enables us to produce quality fibre optic cables with great efficiency and at lower costs.


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How Fibre Optic Cable Is Made

Our facility is located in a growing region of Sichuan, China, and manufactures more than 260,000 meters of fibre optic cable per day. Based on the modern fibre cable factory​ and experienced know-how team, our fibre cable production is intended for the premium end of the FTTH, enterprise and households industry.The fibre cable manufacturing comprises a number of stages. They include optical fibre cladding, coloring and layers of other materials, armouring, sheathing processes, packing. The manner in which these steps are performed may be adjusted depending on the fibre optic cable product.

HOC fiber optic cable manufacturing

Process Of How To Manufacture Fibre Optic Cable

Optical fibers stock waiting for coloring
optical fiber coloring

Optical Fibre Preparation

Optical fibre manufacturing is the process of making optical fibre from silicon tetrachloride and other raw materials. This process of optical fibre manufacturing determines the mechanical strength, transmission characteristics and service life of the optical fibre, which is very important to ensure the quality of the optical fibre and fibre optic cable. Optical fibre are also colored with fibre color code for further management.

raw materials of fiber cable manufacturing

Raw Materials For Making Fibre Optic Cables

Raw materials that we primarily use in the manufacture of fibre cables are optical fibre, loose tube, all kinds of armouring materials and plastic jackect.These materials are mixed in a specific ratio and in different process to make fibre optic cable. Other types of fibre cables may, however, require additional inputs. For instance, dyes and chemical compounds may be added in the sheathing process to produce fibre cables with colored sheaths or stripes.

  • FRP, Steel Wire
  • Aluminum, Steel Armour
  • Fire Rating
loose tube layer stranding process
Fiber cable core and aramid yarn stranding

Making Cable Core

After determining which optical fibre to use, the cable core is made according to the structure of the fibre optic cable to be produced. In order to provide the necessary protection for the optical fibre, the cable core usually includes loose tubing, centre strength member, filler rope, etc, depending on the number of fibre cores. And then all optical fibre are stranding into a cable core, ready for next step of armouring and sheathing.

fiber cable armoring process

Cable Armouring

Taking the specification and application of the fibre cable manufacturing into account, a layer or several means of fibre cable armouring will be added around the fibre cable core before the final sheathing. For example, a corrugated metal tape, several steel wires, inner sheath, aramid yarn, they can provide fibre cable the tensile and crush resistance needed in installation and operation.

fiber cable finished and packing

Cable Sheathing And Finishes

The main function of the fibre cable outer sheath is to protect the optical fibres in the optical cable from external damage. Several common cable outer sheath materials are PVC, PE, LSZH, AT and rodent-proof sheath materials. Cable marks is also important for identification and management.

Professional Fibre Cable Manufacturing From China

HOC helps wholesalers and brand owners fulfill their fibre optic cable wholesale by top-end turnkey manufacturing. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our clients satisfaction.

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