ADSS Fibre Optic Cable

power line adss fiber optic cable 48 core
48 core adss fiber optic cable hoc
144 core adss self supporting fiber cable
aramid yarn fiber optic cable
swa fibre 24 core

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steel wire armor fiber

SWA Fibre Cable

Improved tensile and impact resistance from SWA (steel wire armour), good hydrolysis resistance and mechanical performance make the SWA fibre suitable for underwater and direct burial optical communications.

cst fiber cable supplier

CST Fibre Cable

CST fibre optic cable has a protection layer of corrugated steel tape armour around the uni-tube or MLT loose tubes of optical fibre. Fibre from 4 core and up to 288 cores for different structures.

figure 8 cable 48 core outdoor aerial fibre cable

Figure 8 Cable

With steel stranded wire as the self-supporting part of the fibre optic cable, figure 8 fibre optic cable can meet the very high tensile strength during installation and operation.

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