ADSS All Dielectric Fiber Optic Cable

August 11, 2021

ADSS all dielectric fiber optic cable provides a fast and economical transmission channel for power communication system because of its unique all dielectric self supporting structure, good insulation, high temperature resistance and high tensile strength.

It is a combined fiber optic cable made of optical fibers, central reinforcement and protective layers such as insulation, waterproof, aramid yarn reinforcement and sheath.


  • All dielectric, no metal and non-conductive
  • Small cable diameter and large tension ratio
  • Low linear expansion coefficient and wide applicable temperature
  • Different spans like 80m, 100m, 200m and so on
  • Self-supporting, high insulation
  • Light weight, easy construction and economy

Applications of ADSS fiber optic cable

  1. Because of its safety attributes, the problem of power isolation can be well solved when introducing and outgoing ADSS all dielectric fiber optic cable with relay station. It is used as the incoming and outgoing optical cable of OPGW system relay station.
  2. It is used as the transmission cable of optical fiber communication system in high voltage (110kV-220kV) power network. It is especially convenient when upgrading old communication lines in many places.
  3. It is used in optical fiber communication system in 6kV ~ 35kV ~ 180kv distribution network.


Generally speaking, ADSS fiber optic cable is cheaper than OPGW (optical fiber composite ground wire) in many applications, and it is easier to install. It is desirable to use power lines or nearby towers to erect ADSS fiber optic cable. And in some places, it is even necessary to use the ADSS cable.

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