ADSS Installation Guide Quick Reference

September 1, 2021

The installation method of ADSS optical cable is basically the same as that of power line, but it has strict requirements on operation and bending radius. Common installation method is fixed cable reel method, sometimes called reverse tension method. Quick reference of ADSS installation guide of this method is introduced below.

ADSS Installation Guide

1. Place the ADSS cable reel on the cable reel support or cable reel trailer, and apply appropriate force to the cable reel through the braking device to prevent the cable reel from rotating too fast.

2. Traction shall be carried out between the cable reel and the first two towers, and they shall be in the same straight line. ADSS optical cable shall be given by the tension machine.

3. Install transition devices at the appropriate height of the tower to fix the ADSS cable, and install traction slings at the end and tangent points.

4. Install a movable pulley directly above or below the optical cable support point on the tower.

5. Install the lead at the movable pulley, pull the optical cable through the pulley through the lead, and install the clamp and rotating connector after the optical cable is pulled out.

6. The tension machine and tractor shall be used to lead out the optical cable through the whole line. The tension of the optical cable shall be small during traction. The whole line shall be installed in several sections.

7. After the optical cable is deployed, the tension and sag shall be adjusted, and the hardware shall be installed as required (see the method below).

Communication in Operation

This kind of installation method requires good communication between the staff of the tension machine and the tractor. In addition, observers shall be set up at road intersections and obstacles to transmit information in time.

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