How Many Bulk Fiber Optic Cable Type Are There

September 4, 2021

Fiber optic cable has greatly expand the network and accessibility in modern society, from our home to data center and server room of carriers. We can easily find fiber cable like FTTH cable connect to our house, and fiber optic patch cord for inter-connect between equipment. So how many fiber optic cable type are there? Let’s find out with a fiber optic cable manufacturer.

Optical Fiber

The optical fiber is the most important element in a fiber cable, and due to the transmission mode, there are single mode fibre (SMF) and multimode optical fibre (MMF) used in a fiber optic cable. According to this, we can divide the fiber optic cable type into two category of single mode fiber optic cable and multimode fiber optic cable.

Cable Core

Optical fibre itself is very thin and fragile, the thickness of an optical fibre is less than a human hair, so it requires protection from other materials. One way is to add a secondary coating after the SMF or MMF fibre cladding, which is called the tight buffer fiber.

Another way is to place the optical fibre into a loose tube which is filled with fiber jelly compound. This gives the optical fibre protection and flexibility under outside pressure.

To protect the optical fibre, there can’t be too many fiber core in a loose tube too. With the fiber count increase, it requires multi loose tube, and central loose tube fiber optic cable becomes a stranded multi loose tube fiber optic cable.

Installation Method

There are differences on installation method for all fiber optic cable type. Therefore, we can separate them as Overhead / Aerial fiber optic cable, Duct fiber optic cable, Direct burial fiber optic cable and underwater fiber optic cable. Each of them required specific installation and construction standard.


Except for how fiber optic cable is installed, where a fiber optic cable is used affect its specifications too. At a larger scale, we can divide them into the outdoor fiber optic cable type and indoor fiber optic cable type. Where the fiber cable is used has a significant influence on the fiber cable material and structure.

For example, indoor fiber optic cable generally requires for small diameter, small bending radius and LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) cable sheath. While outdoor fiber optic cables are more focused on how can protect the optical fibre the most, so it has all kinds of armouring and strength member.

Armored Fiber 

Speaking of cable armouring, there are CST fiber cable and SWA fiber cable. CST fiber cable is optical cable with a protection layer made of corrugated steel tape. And SWA fiber cable comes with a protection circle of steel wire armour.

Network System

You may have already noticed in our daily life, the fiber cable a carrier use is quite different from the ones in your house. That’s because the ODN (optical distribution network) determines which fiber optic cable type to use in a network system.

The internet access we get from roadside is access fiber optic cable or FTTH cable. And the fiber cable deliver data from carrier server room to our house is called distribution fiber optic cable. Finally, there are network connection from cities to cities, and the backbone fiber optic cable can help about it.

Special Industries

As many as we analyze aspects of a fiber optic cable type, there are still some special specific requirements for a fiber optic cable. And we can see them as special industrial such as power line fiber optic cable, flame retardant mining fiber optic cable and protective cable (anti-rodent fiber cable, anti-termite fiber cable, anti bird fiber cable).


The fiber optic cable type is mainly depend on how we consider a fiber cable, from fiber optic cable itself, installation and application, to the network system and industrial requirements.

Now, have you know all for fiber optic cable type? Write to HOC directly to consult which is the best fiber optic cable choice or other questions. 

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