ADSS Installation Preparation Checklist

August 28, 2021

ADSS fiber optic cable is widely used in power line communication cabling and some FTTH network as well. However, to ensure a proper and reliable ADSS installation, what should we focus on?

Hone Optical Communications has 19+ more years on optical communications, let’s have a quick check for the installation of ADSS cable.

Cable Appearance

After receiving the ADSS fiber optic cable, stock manager should check the cable drum and the fiber cable in the surface in time. This is to ensure that the received optical cable is not damaged. In addition, it is necessary to check the center hole of the cable reel for any obstacles that may damage the cable outer sheath or hinder the winding and deployment of the ADSS cable.

hoc fiber optic cable packed in drum

Cable Quantity

Check whether the total number of optical cables and the length of each drum are consistent with the contract requirements.

Cable Quality

An optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) can be used to check whether the ADSS fiber cable is damaged during transportation. The inspection data can be used to compare with the post installation acceptance test data. Furthermore, this information can also be used as a part of the data record to facilitate future emergency respiration.

Re-check Before Installation

If the installation hasn’t been carried out within 30 days after the above inspections, it is highly recommended to recheck before the actual construction.

Installation Equipments

Except the condition of ADSS cable, the good condition of installation equipment also contribute to an ADSS installation. Make sure you inspect the tractor, tension machine and other equipment required during construction to ensure their good operation.

ADSS Fittings

Check the installation ADSS cable fittings for their models, quantities required for installation. All problems should be immediately and properly solved before the cable installation if cable fittings are inconsistent with the contract requirements.


It is important to check everything for the whole installation, from ADSS cable, installation equipment and the adss cable fittings. In addition, an operation team of skill and experience is also important. For the installation process, you can check the ADSS fiber optic cable installation.

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Tony Lau is technical manager and co-founder at HOC. He loves writing about content optical fiber communications, specializes in fiber optic cables, FTTH turnkey solutions, ADSS cable, and ODN networks.

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